Wanna Be a Webmaster?

If you want to be an official webmaster for the Cave, just answer the questions below and put your e-mail in, and I’ll send you a request!

1: Does Salamence deserve a Mega Evolution (this one isn’t necessary to answer.)?

2: Do you play Minecraft?

3: Do plan on getting Pokemon X or Y once it’s out?

4: Does your name start with any letter in the alphabet?

5: Do you like Animal Crossing?

Answer those and put in your e-mail, and I’ll send you a request!


What’s up?

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been on much. I had to go to Massachusetts for my grandma’s funeral, then I, uh, durped. Add school to my list of things to do… it’s a pain. Anyway, here’s some updates!

New Animal Crossing: New Leaf photo journal page thing coming! It’s called ‘Welcome to Yodavile!’!

My new book for Kindle should be out in May! It’s called ‘Hero’s Trial: The Quest’.

I might get Pokemon Y on October 12th!

I’m tuning into Cartoon Network on October 19th for the new Pokemon movie!

I might get Disney Infinity in November!

Special Torchic is comin’ to Pokemon X and Y on October !2th! It’s got a Blazikenite!

Well, that’s it. Expect the first Welcome to Yodavile to be up soon!